The PSWindows Menu

Each PS window organizes specific aspects of the overall dosimetric process. Use the PSWindows menu to make a window visible (if you hid or closed it for some reason) and/or to make it the key window (i.e. make it the frontmost window, receiving cursor and keyboard events.)

PSWindows Menu
  • Patient Setup - this window provides an interactive 3D view of the eye. Use this window to position the plaque on the tumor, orient the suture eyelets, and to display 3D isodose surfaces.
  • Plaque - this window controls all aspects of plaque design & radionuclide management. Use this window to select a plaque and to load sources into the plaque
  • Prescription - this window organizes all prescription functions. Use this window to customize the dose calculation, to choose a prescription point, and to display dose to points on the central axis of the plaque or tumor.
  • Images - this window organizes the use of medical imaging (CT, MRI, fundus or ultrasound) to measure the size of the eye and the location of the tumor. All Quicktime supported image file formats such as PICT, TIFF, GIF, JPG etc... are supported.
  • Retinal Diagram - this window presents a polar diagram of the entire retinal surface from the posterior pole (near the fovea) to the limbus. Use this diagram to digitize the tumor base, points of interest, and to plot isodose lines.
  • Isodose - use this window to select isodose legend values and isodose normalization.
  • Planar Dosimetry - this window displays isodose plots on meridian and coronal planes that bisect the eye, and is also used to digitize points of interest and dose profile lines.
  • Histogram - this window displays a dose histogam which by default is a cumulative Retinal Dose Area Histogram (RDAH). The dose histogram type and many other parameters may be customized in the histogram document preferences pane.
  • Documents - this window selects and previews all printed documents.

The Window Menu

The MacOS also provdes a separate Window menu which provides OS services for the currently frontmost window, brings hidden windows to the front and accesses windows which have been minimized to the dock.

Window Menu
  • Minimize - moves the key window to the dock.
  • Bring All to Front - moves all of PS's open windows to the front of other applications.
  • Image - these are currently open windows.
  • Isodose
  • etc...