Shell Editor

The Shell Editor window is used to interactively edit the shape of the plaque shell. The recommended way to create a new shell is to load an existing shell and then modify it. After you have created a new plaque, be sure to save it as a plaque file.


The plaque shell perimeter is described by up to 99 radial control nodes. It may not exceed a hemisphere. In this example of an EP917P plaque there are 36 perimeter control nodes, they are represented graphically by yellow handles. Each node is described by a radial length, angle and other parameters that are set from the Lip Editor window. The radius is the radial distance perpendicular to the central axis of the plaque. The angle is specified in degrees counter clockwise from "12 o'clock". The length and angle of a node can be changed graphically by simply dragging the yellow handle to a new position on the grid, or selected for editing by double-clicking either the yellow handle or in the list of nodes.

You can attach a suture eyelet to a node from the Lip Editor. Calibrated pictures of the plaque face and optional seed carrier can be embedded in the plaque model. These pictures can be rotated, translated and magnified as necessary to help create the model. Picture resolution should be roughly 1200 dpi.

The central thickness of the plaque, the radius of the sphere to which it conforms and numerous other parameters are entered via the Params... button.


Additional functions are available from the Shell Menu which is added to the menu bar when the Shell Editor is the frontmost window.

  • Init Normals - Sets all edge normals to zero degrees.
  • Init Skips - Removes a central hole.
  • Make Circular - Makes the perimeter circular to match the selected node.
  • Parameters... - Opens the parameters sheet.
  • Eyelet Editor... - Opens the eyelet editor window.
Delete All
  • EP Style Slotted Plaque - Tags the plaque file as being an Eye Physics slotted plaque.
  • Eyelet Edit Mode - Enables alternate tesseleation display features that are sometimes useful when editing suture eyelets.
  • Autosort CCW - Disable when designing a notched plaque.
  • Top to Bottom - These items mirror the perimeter nodes with respect to the plaque center.
  • Bottom to Top - .
  • Left to Right - .
  • Right to left - .

  • 180° - Rotates the perimeter control nodes by 180°.
  • 90° CW - Rotates the perimeter control nodes by 90° CW.
  • 90° CCW - Rotates the perimeter control nodes by 90° CCW.
  • Arbitrary... - Opens the shell perimeter rotation sheet. The default stepper increment is 1°. Enabling fine tuning changes the stepper increment to 0.1°. DeleteMenu
  • Flip Horizontal - Flips the perimeter control nodes horizontally.
  • Flip Vertical - Flips the perimeter control nodes vertically.

  • Slots - Deletes all seed slots.
  • Eyelets - Delete all plaque suture eyelets.