The Documents Preview Window

All printed documents can be previewed and printed from this window. Use the toolbar controls along the top of the window to select a document to preview.


Toolbar Controls

The buttons along the top of the window select the document to preview:

  • Toolbar group controls:
    • Plaque - Selects which plaque to create a document for.
    • Mouse Cursor - Selects the document preview window's mouse cursor mode. You can customize and/or optimize the appearance of many of the pictures, 2D and 3D graphical elements found in Plaque Simulator documents prior to printing. The control's left segment sets the cursor mode to translation, the right segment sets the cursor mode for magnification. Hover the cursor over a graphical element and then click and "drag" to adjust the view or zoom.
    • The print buttons (to the right of the mouse cursor control) initiate either single document or document group printing and/or export as a .pdf file.
    • Print - prints only the document currently being viewed. Option-click to bypass the MacOS print job panel and print directly to a .pdf file in the current patient folder using the PS default print job naming conventions. By default, PS will name the print job (or .pdf file) using the patient name initials. For example the print job name for a patient named 'Onymous, Anne' will be 'OA' or 'OA.pdf'.
    • Print Group - prints the group of documents indicated by the Document group checkboxes below. The document group members can be preset in the Preferences dialog. Option-click to bypass the OSX print job panel and automatically print directly to a .pdf file in the current patient folder using the PS default print job naming convention. Note: you can also automate the task of subdividing a treatment plan into multiple smaller parts for meeting email attachment requirements via settings in the Institution window.
    • Plan - Preview the treatment plan document.
    • Retina - Preview the retinal diagram document.
    • Load - Preview the loading diagram document.
    • Isodose - Preview the isodose plot document.
    • Histo. - Preview the retina dose area (RDAH) or dose volume (DVH) histogram document.
    • Points - Preview the user defined points document.
    • Profile - Preview the dose profile document.
    • QA - Preview the QA check point document.
    • Summary - Preview the summaries document.
    • Plaque - Preview the plaque window document.
    • Images - Preview the image window document.
    • Setup - Preview the setup window document.
    • Options - Opens the preferences window to the tab for the current document. Double-clicking near the document center is equivalent to clicking the options control.
  • Document group controls:
    • All of the members of the document group will be printed to paper or saved as a unified .pdf file.
    • Print Group to PDF Click this button to save the document group as a .pdf file in the current patient folder using the PS default print job naming convention. This button is an alternative to option-clicking the Print Group button.
    • The checkboxes mark documents as members of the document group.
    • A check box with a yellow or red tinted halo surrounding it indicates that information needed to complete that document is missing. For example, a dose histogram might not yet have been calculated.
  • Status line controls:
    • The status line shows the file path to where the document group .pdf file will be saved.
    • PrePlan - As a convenience, this checkbox toggles the preplan indicator. This checkbox also appears in the Patient IDs window.
    • The icons on the right side of the status line group are convenience controls which access preference settings and mimic the home and page advance footer controls.
    • You can customize document preferences by either clicking the gear button in the status line control group or by double-clicking in the middle of the document content.

Footer Controls LowerControls
  • Window size - Opens the Window Size Sheet dialog.
  • Zoom out - minify the document preview.
  • Zoom in - magnify the document preview.
  • Home - fits the window to the current paper size.
  • Prev. page - returns to the previous page of a multiple page document group.
  • Next page - advances to the next page of a multiple page document group.
  • Print group as: - this menu offers options to print the document group as a single combined job, in 2 to 4 parts, or as individual pages. Normally you will print the document group as a single combined job. If the group is being printed as a .pdf file to be sent as an email attachment, it may be necessary to divide the print job into 2 parts to meet email file attachment size limitations. Available in version 6.3 and greater.
  • Auto - enables automatic font and line scaling of some graphical elements found in documents as a function of paper size.
  • Slider - this slider adjusts some font sizes when automatic scaling is disabled.