Plaque Optimize Menu

The Optimize menu is accessed from the Plaque Menu of the Plaque Window.

  • Optimize Carrier... - opens a window from which you select an optimization reference point, a plaque to optimize, and rotate the silicone carrier to find the orientation which minimizes dose to the optimization point.
  • Lock Carrier - For plaques with rotating seed carriers (e.g. COMS and ROPES plaques), locks the carrier orientation so that it can not be accidentally rotated following optimization. Carriers can also be locked or unlocked in the Plaque Location window. The duplicate functionality is provided here as a convenience.
Optimize Window
  • Macula - Selects the macula as the location to minimize dose.
  • Optic disc - Selects the optic disc as the location to minimize dose.
  • Show % exposure... - when checked, overlays each source in the plaque loading window with its % direct exposure (estimated as line of sight visibility) to the optimization reference point when lip or slot collimation is enabled.
  • Rx plaque - Selects the currently designated Rx plaque as the one to optimize.
  • Plaque # - Selects any of the 4 possible plaques to optimize.