Axes Appearance

From the Setup Menu:


In the axes appearance window you can edit how the X,Y and Z axis lines are rendered and labeled in the Setup window. This may occasionally be useful when preparing illustrations for teaching or publication.

  • Axes are provided for the Eye and Plaque reference frames.
  • In the Select axes context control group select which set of axes you want to edit, and if you want those axes to appear in the Setup window. 3D axes appearance defaults to automatic mode (vers 6.7.7) in which labels are rendered using 3D fonts and axis length, label and tick mark dimensions are calculated automatically based on the eye and/or plaque size. To manually customize axes appearance, disable the Auto checkbox for the axis context.
  • In the Lines control group you can customize the line length, thickness, smoothing and color. Note: The line length parameter refers to the axis length from the origin for both the positive and negative directions, so the total axis length drawn will be twice the value entered.
  • In the Labels control group select which lines will have labels and the label size. Note: by default, manually customized axes labels (the characters X,Y,Z) are rendered using static vectors rather than 3D fonts. To manually force 3D font labels when Auto mode is disabled, set the label thickness to 0. Font based labels for eye axes automatically adjust their orientation to face the 3D camera whereas labels for plaque axes face the rear of the plaque.
  • In the Tick marks control group select tick mark length.

To edit the Eye axes


To edit the Plaque axes