Creating a Plaque Simulator Model of a BEBIG Ru-106 plaque

Version 6

Plaque Simulator's patch source (PDF) model of the BEBIG Ru-106 plaques requires a number of ad hoc calibration factors derived from measurements. All of the required measurements are provided in the data sheets that come with your plaque. To use your BEBIG Ru-106 plaque with Plaque Simulator you will need to:

Note: For a small fee, Eye Physics, LLC will create a calibrated, professionally optimized, PS file for your BEBIG plaque. Contact us by email or phone to arrange a purchase order and send us a .pdf file containing your plaque calibration certificate and both protocol sheets. We will prepare a calibrated .iplq file for and return it to you as a zip compressed email attachment. Then you just expand the attachment and drag the file into your PS plaques folder. No additional software beyond Mac OSX is required.

Model CIA Tutorial

Model CIB & CIB-2 Tutorial