Users Preferences

In the Institution Window, create an institutional treatment team and be sure to save it to the presets database. Once you have created one or more instituional presets, you can then select one of them to be your default startup team from the menu in this preferences pane.

You can create multiple institutional presets in order to support multiple institutions, clinics, clients, physicians an so on... An institutional treatment team includes the name and address of your institution, some additional user definable fields that can be used in any way you like, a 50x50 pixel document logotype and the names, titles, and contact informations for up to 10 team members. You can also install an additional default logotype for your documents by dragging a 50x50 pixel jpg or png format image file onto the image well in this pane and enabling the custom logo checkbox.

In the Email control group you can customize some aspects involved in how PS6 sends treatment plans to your team and optional licensing messages to Eye Physics. All emails sent from PS6 work by sending Applescript messages to the Mac Mail application. In Mac Mail's preference settings be sure to establish a preferred sender account. By default, PS6 will use that account. If you have multiple email accounts and wish to use one of those accounts or servers to send PS6 treatment plans you can enter an optional Sender: preference. Your sender preference MUST be in the format that Mac Mail accepts from Applescript messages which is usually something like Firstname Lastname <username@domain>. You can find the specific formats that Mac Mail created for your email accounts in the Mac Mail accounts listings on your computer. You can also customize the email address that PS uses for licensing support if it should change in the future.

If you have installed the optional CPDF 256-bit encryption engine, the CPDF password will be used to encrypt your .pdf treatment plans prior to emailing. At this time, only the default password ma**** is supported in the email automator utilities that Eye Physics includes with the PS6 installer. If you want to use a different password you may enter it here but you will also need to manually customize the provided automator utility to use the same password. Eye Physics can assist you with automator customization.

In this users preferences pane you can also select an authorized user to automatically suggest at launch time. Remember to click the Save Preferences button to make any changes in this panel permanent.