Basic Preferences

In this panel you may customized your startup preferences for common parameters including: prescribed dose, the default isotope seed and plaque, auto-save interval, recent patient tracking, alert conditions, the default resolution of 2D dose matrices and which matrices to calculate automatically.

NOTE: Most controls in PS will display tooltips explaining their use if you hover the cursor over the control.

The controls in the Radionuclide group affect the default radionuclide physics file to be activated at startup and some inventory system settings. IMPORTANT note: The Enable all sources control is disabled by default to prevent unintentional selection of sources from manufacturers other than IsoAid, LLC who is the licensed distributor of this software in North America. If you will be using radionuclide sources from a manufacturer other than IsoAid, LLC you must manually Enable all sources and then save preferences.

The controls in the Isodose line group are default settings affecting the spatial distribution and proximity tolerance of isodose line labels. There are slider controls in the 2D and retinal dosimetry windows that allow you to override these startup preferences.

The controls in The set of 2D matrices includes group select the surfaces, histograms, actions and default dose matix size associated with the Calculate 2D Matrices menu item and convenience buttons found throughout the program.

The controls in the Dosimetry group select the default 2D dose matrix size and offer an option to run 2D and histogram calculations as background processes. Running the 2D calculations in a background thread does not accelerate these calculations which already use all available processor cores. Running as background threads actually adds a slight computational overhead to create the threads. The advantage of running in the background is to maintain the user interface with cosmetic portions of the program such as window and document appearance, that do not affect the dosimetry calculation. This can occasionally be useful during the noticably time consuming calculations associated with a few plaque configurations. 3D dose calculations always run as a background process, whereas 2D calculations are usually fast enough not to be noticable on a fast 12 (or more) core cpu and so background processes are disabled by default. Available in PS version 6.6.2 and greater. Running dosimetry and other lengthy calculations on GPUs is not yet fully functional in the current (6.7.7) release of PS6.

The controls in the Misc. group affect and enable various user interface behaviors. For the most part these parameters are used in software development but you are free to customize these behaviors if you feel a need.