Treatment Plan

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The Treatment Plan is a 1 to 6 page document. You may optionally elect to not print all 6 pages, but you MUST print at least one of the pages. There are numerous options provided to customize the content and layout of the document. Starting in PS version 6.7.7 you can customize many graphic elements directly in the document preview window using the drag and magnifier cursor controls found in the toolbar. Note: most of the screen captures in this user guide are still from older versions of PS6 and dont show the cursor controls in the document preview window toolbar.

  • Page 1 provides a table of patient identifiers, date & time of treatment, some radionuclide, plaque and tumor properties, an optional photo ID of the patient, a facial view of the plaque and a miniature retinal diagram showing tumor location.
  • On page 2 there is a table of point dose calculations along the central axis of the plaque (or tumor), at the prescription point, lens, macula, etc... and a plot of dose at points extending radially from the optic disc center for 3 mm along the nominal optic nerve axis. To directly compare treatment plan options, you can overlay the nerve axis dose plots for any plaque(s) over the plot of the currently active plaque and can change the line style used to plot each plaque. The currently active plaque is plotted using a slightly larger line width. Image options include a thumbnail of the fundus image, a radiation safety survey and/or a user customizable picture.
  • Page 3 contains thumbnails of any multiplanar reconstructions (e.g CT or MRI) used to model the eye.
  • Page 4 prints the Image window's two ultrasound images used to measure or model the tumor height and/or base and optionally the Fundus group's "Eye" picture (e.g. EyePic.jpg) which is expected to be a slit lamp frontal view of the eye to provide surgical guidance with a meridian compass superimposed over the iris. Note: if a frontal view is not needed, any picture can be loaded into the "Eye" buffer and thus printed on this page.
  • Page 5 lists institutional and treatment planning contact information with options for a radiation safety survey form and/or the user customizable picture.
  • Page 6 prints the additional three miscellaneous documentation pictures.
  • The print buttons at the upper left of the window initiate either single document or document group printing.
  • The checkboxes in the document group bar located just below the document selection tool bar at the top of the window indicate which documents will be included in group printing.
  • The page advance buttons located at the bottom of the window and duplicated for convenience at the right edge of the document group bar change the page being previewed.
  • You can customize document preferences by clicking the Options button or by double-clicking in the middle of the document window.