Retinal Diagram

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The Retinal Diagram can be a 1, 2 or 3 page document.

  • Page 1 summarizes which eye, the tumor location, the intended plaque location and orientation, scleral suture coordinates (ie meridian hour and chord distance from the limbus), and the chord distance(s) between the suture eyelets of the plaque. This document provides a "road map" for the ophthalmologist during the implant surgery and should always be printed.
  • Page 2, if enabled, is the same as page 1 except suture coordinates are presented as toric IOL axis marker angles instead of clock hours, with the option to illustrate the settings of the toric axis marker instrument.
  • Page 3, if enabled, provides a custom view of the diagram by reproducing the view in the Retinal Diagram window.
  • The page advance buttons located at the bottom of the window and duplicated on the right side of the document group bar near the top of the page change the page being previewed.
  • The print buttons at the upper left of the window initiate either single document or document group printing.
  • The checkboxes below the document selection buttons at the top of the window indicate which documents will be included in group printing.
  • You can customize document preferences by clicking the Options button or by double-clicking in the middle of the document window.
    • A common customization for this document is to magnify and/or offset the pole of the fundus diagram on page 1. Automatic formatting of zoom and pole offset was introduced at version 6.7.7.