Users Preferences

In the Institution group, enter the name and address of your institution, clinic or department. Additional user definable fields are provided as a convenience and can be used in any way you like. These preference settings are automatically superseded by similar information entered in the Institution and/or Patient ID windows. You can install a customized institutional logo for your documents by dragging a 50x50 pixel jpg or png format image file onto the image well and enabling the custom logo checkbox.

In the Professional group you can enter the names and contact information (e.g. email address and telephone number) for up to two physicians (e.g. Radiation Oncologist and Ophthalmologist), two physicists (e.g. primary and consulting), a dosimetrist and the service representative from whom you order seeds or preloaded plaques.

You can create institutional presets in order to support multiple institutions, clinics, clients, physicians an so on... To create an institutional preset fill out the various text fields, enter a unique dictionary key, and click the + button to add the keyed preset to the presets library. The presets library is saved in an xml plist file located in the same folder as the PS preferences file. You can also create and edit institutional presets in the Institution window which is accessed from the Plan menu. To remove a keyed preset, select it from the popup menu and click the - button. To update an existing preset, simply select it from the popup menu, change the information, and click the + button (same as creating a new preset).

In this users preferences pane you can also select an authorized user to automatically suggest at launch time and your preferred user handedness which changes the equatorial dragging direction of the image window's eye tool. Remember to click the Save Preferences button to make any changes in this panel permanent.