Colors Preferences

IMPORTANT Note #1: Eye Physics recommends manually re-initializing color preferences and text styles to the recommended defaults (click the Standard button at the bottom of the pane) and then re-saving preferences following installation of a new version of Plaque Simulator. If you require customizations, please recreate them after re-initializing the entire pane to be sure the preference settings for new objects are properly initialized. For example, a large number of new preference settings and eye structures were introduced at version 6.7.7.

IMPORTANT Note #2: In general, there is no need to modify the text style settings (fonts, font sizes, font colors etc...) used throughout Plaque Simulator (PS6). In fact, the text styles are reinitialized to their Eye Physics recommended default settings every time PS6 is launched. Any changes you might make survive only for the duration of the currently running context of PS6. However, a copy of the current state of the text style settings is saved in every patient treatment plan and these saved settings are restored when you re-open that plan. This is done in order that older plans appear as much as possible as they did when they were created and so that any customizations you might make for publication or other special purposes are not lost. As a result, should you load a treatment plan created by an earlier version of Plaque Simulator and the fonts, font sizes or colors don't look quite right, click the Reset button in the text styles group of this preferences pane to update all the text styles in that older treatment plan to the current defaults and then resave the treatment plan.

IMPORTANT Note #3: Most of the color preferences in this pane maintain independent settings for MacOS light and dark modes. For example, to change the colors as they appear when running in light mode, this pane must be in light mode. To change the colors as they appear when running in dark mode, this pane must be in dark mode.

Standard MacOS Aqua light window appearance. This is the MacOS appearance mode that Eye Physics typically uses when running Plaque Simulator.


MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) introduced a dark window appearance option. If you are running MacOS 10.14 or later, you can experiment with system wide dark mode by selecting dark appearance in the MacOS System Preferences General pane. Irrespective of your system appearance setting, you can also run PS6 in either light or dark window appearance using the buttons in the MacOS Appearance group of this Colors preference pane. To remember this preference settings for subsequent launches be sure to click the Save Preferences button.