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The Images document prints between 1 and 12 pages. You can choose which images to print from the document preferences pane. The images are scaled to the width of the paper, ruler and tool overlays match the display settings of the Image window. Smaller size versions of these images are also printed on pages 3 and 4 of the treatment plan document. In the treatment plan versions, the ruler and tool overlays are enabled as treatment plan document preferences.

  • Page 1 prints the axial image.
  • Page 2 prints the coronal image.
  • Page 3 prints the sagittal image.
  • Page 4 prints ultrasound image #1.
  • Page 5 prints the tumor-coronal image.
  • Page 6 prints the tumor-meridian image.
  • Page 7 prints the fundus collage.
  • Page 8 prints ultrasound image #2.
  • Page 9 prints the eye iris picture.
  • Page 10 prints miscellaneous picture #1.
  • Page 11 prints miscellaneous picture #2.
  • Page 12 prints miscellaneous picture #3 (or the nerve-axial image if it was named "n-axial").
  • Page 13 prints the nerve-coronal image.
  • The print buttons at the upper left of the window initiate either single document or document group printing.
  • The checkboxes below the document selection buttons at the top of the window indicate which documents will be included in group printing.
  • You can customize a document by clicking the Options button, by double-clicking in the middle of the document window.