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Eye Physics, LLC

11401 Kensington Road
Los Alamitos, CA 90720, USA
phone: 562-430-4363
email: sales@eyephysics.com, support@eyephysics.com

History and Proper Modeling of the EP917 and USC#9 Plaques

Eye Physics is proud to announce our 3rd generation computer designed and computer prototyped plaques

These new plaques will be available in dozens of preconfigured as well as fully customizable sizes, shapes, curvatures and source arrangements. Our plaques are less than 2 mm thick, the radionuclide sources are individually collimated to conform the resulting dose distribution to the tumor, spare the retina, and provide a perfect fit to each patient's eye size and shape and to the tumor height and location. The Plaque Simulator software provides image based 3D modeling of each patient's eye and tumor, the plaques, and precise calculation of suture coordinates for the surgeon.

Eye Physics, LLC is a Medical Physics Consulting and Services Company.
The company is led by Emeritus Prof. Melvin Astrahan, PhD, DABR.

NOTICE: Eye Physics plaques are not yet FDA approved (we're working on getting clarification).

then again, neither are any other eye plaques as far as we know... however, eye plaques and their related accessories and planning programs may be exempt from premarket notification procedures according to this section of Title 21: Sec. 892.5650 Manual radionuclide applicator system.

You can download our shareware and freeware software products using the links in the left column of this web site.

Eye Physics services include:

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