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TDF Plan (1.9.0): User Guide

TDF Plan is distributed as a shareware scientific research tool for personal use by radiation oncology, biology, and physics professionals and students. The current fee is $20 (USD), payable using almost any credit card via PayPal. Click the "Pay Now" button to the right to order a license. If you wish to pay by some other means, require a site license, have suggestions for improvements, new features, bug reports, congratulations, whatever... please email the author or the support desk at Eye Physics, LLC. TDFPlan is not approved by anyone (e.g. FDA, CE) for any purpose whatsoever. Use this software at your own professional discretion and risk. Thanks for your interest in TDF Plan!

What's new: Release history

iPhone app: TDF Calculator

Downloads: The latest downloads are version 1.9.0. The PC version was compiled for x86 64-bit and has been tested with Windows 10. The MacOS version is a universal binary x86/arm64 and has been tested with MacOS 12.6 Monterey. The various support files used by both versions are interchangeable but the installation methods are different. NOTE: for now, you will need to manually backup your database and any other support files that you have customized if they are located in the TDF_Plan folder before installing any new version of TDF_Plan. After installing a new version, copy those backed-up support files into the new TDF_Plan folder to overwrite the installation defaults. TDF_Plan now allows you to work from a remote copy of the support files which you can store in a preferred data folder located somewhere other than in the application folder in order to simplify future installation updates.