Select an Inventory Entry

To edit an inventory entry, first select the entry in the list of database entries (Note: this screen capture has been anonymized, the entry highlighted in blue is named "Tutorial, Inventory").


After selecting an entry to edit, click the Edit button to open the inventory editor sheet.


The Inventory Editor Sheet
  • In the Radionuclide control group
    • Source name - if necessary, select a different source from the menu. If you created the inventory correctly it will already be linked to the correct physics file. However, you may optionally change the source model here.
    • Mfg. lot number - optionally enter the manufacturing lot number or any other identifying information such as the patient name.
    • Inventory name - enter a descriptive name for this inventory entry, typically this would be the name of the patient it is destined for.
    • Comment - optionally enter any other comments here.
    • Number of sources - enter the current number of sources available and the total number of sources in the lot. The popup menu fills both fields with common initialization values. The leftmost text field is the current seed count remaining in inventory, the text field closest to the popup menu is the number of seeds ordered. For a new entry, both entries should be initialized with the same number. The available count will decrease as seeds are installed in the plaque. In this example all 21 sources have been pulled from this inventory entry so there are 0 remaining.
  • In the Calibration date control group
    • Assay date - enter the assay date and time of the source strength either directly in the control, or optionally click the calendar button to open a calendar sheet. The buttons along the bottom of this group box allow you to lock the source calibration and/or update the calibration to the current implant date and time settings in the Rx Window. When you Calculate Sources in the Implant Calculator the calibration dates and strengths of sources loaded in a plaque and the inventories from which they were pulled are automatically updated. If you have sources that you intend to recycle into subsequent patients, you might want to lock the calibration of those sources to prevent their being accidentally changed should you accidentally click Calculate Sources instead of Calculate Implant Duration when using recycled seeds.


Note: if you simply enter 1.0 as the source strength, you can use the Implant Calculator to determine the average source strength required at the time of implant to meet the surgical schedule. The inventory strength will be automatically updated and its assay date will be set to the time of implant.

Plaque Simulator pulls sources from an inventory entry using the average strength of the sources (e.g. the manufacturing lot #) associated with that inventory entry. In the Radionuclide control group of Basic Preferences you can choose to default entering source strength as either the average, or as the minimum and maximum of a manufacturing lot and the average will be calculated for you as a convenience. You can override that preference setting here.

  • In the Source strength control group here in the inventory editor sheet
    • Average - enter the the average source strength of the lot or simply select a source strength (e.g. 1.0) from the midpoints popup menu. The midpoints menu lists standard values from data in the physics file.
    • Min & Max - this is a convenience feature. Enter the the minimum and maximum source strengths of the manufacturing (mfg) lot. The leftmost text field is the lower end of the range. The rightmost ('to') text field is the upper end of the range. The average will be calculated for you.

Note: in this calendar example November 1st is highlighted to indicate a clock change due to the conclusion of daylight saving time (DST) for locales that observe DST.

Updating the plaque

The sources in a plaque are snapshots of the state of an inventory entry at the moment the source was pulled from inventory and moved into the plaque.

Note: Editing an inventory entry does NOT automatically propagate any changes to the sources in a plaque. If you edit an inventory entry (e.g. change its calibration) and any of the (up to 4) plaques currently under consideration for the current patient contain sources pulled from that inventory entry, you will be alerted when you close the inventory editor sheet and offered a one time opportunity to update the sources in the plaque(s) to match the current state of the inventory from which they were pulled.

Note: You will also NOT be alerted to update plaques containing this inventory entry that may be associated with another (e.g. prior) patient. In general, there is no need to edit the inventory settings of a prior patient. The rare exception would be if sources were manufactured and delivered with the wrong strength or calibration date and you need to recalculate dosimetry based on what was actually delivered. In such a case, to update the plaque(s) of a prior patient you must manually load that patient, select the inventory of interest, edit the inventory entry, update the plaque, and recalculate dosimetry.

In the example below, Plaque #1 contains 13 sources that were pulled from inventory ID 623613775 with 2 mCi strength at the time of calibration. If you were to subsequently edit that inventory entry and change the strength from 2 mCi to 1 mCi (or perhaps change the calibration date), you would be presented this alert offering to update all of the sources in the plaque that had been pulled from inventory ID 623613775.