Dosimetry Menu

The Dosimetry menu controls and initiates dose calculations. If items in this menu are dimmed and can not be selected it means there are no sources in the plaque. You should be completely familiar with each item in this menu before using this program clinically.

By default, histogram #1 is configured as a Retinal Dose Area Histogram (RDAH) and histogram #2 is configured as a Dose Volume Histogram (DVH).

Dosimetry Menu
  • Auto. Update 2D Matrices - If checked, the meridian, coronal and/or retinal dose matrices are automatically recalculated following any changes to plaque position, duration or loading. Enabling auto. update is NOT recommended when using dose matrices > 120x120, or plaques with > 60 sources such as BEBIG plaques, due the lengthier dose calculation time.

Note: The calculation items described below are disabled when the active plaque is empty because there is nothing to calculate.

  • Calculate 3D matrix - Launches a thread to calculate the 3D matrix of the active plaque.
  • Calculate Histogram #1 (RDAH) - Calculates the retinal surface dose-area histogram. The histogram can be viewed in the histogram window or the document preview window by selecting the histogram document from the toolbar.
  • Calculate Histogram #2 (DVH) - Calculates the dose-volume histogram.
  • Calculate 2D Matrices - Calculates the meridian, coronal and retinal dose matrices and also the dose-area histogram.