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TDF Plan: User License

TDF Plan will run in demonstration mode for 7 days. TDFPlan is "shareware". Full licenses are currently available at a nominal fee for personal use by qualified professionals such as radiation oncology physicians, residents, medical physicists, dosimetrists, and students of those professions. Because TDFPlan is not FDA approved no licenses will be issued to hospitals, only personal use.

To license TDF plan please follow the PayPal Pay Now link at the top of the TDF Plan home page. If you want your license issued to a name other than your PayPal account name please send an email to and mention the name you would like to use as the licensee.

The basic license key enables BED calculations, reports, graphs, the course scheduling calendar, access to the REAL SQL databases (either local or remotely hosted) and manually initiated email alerts. The full license key enables scheduled email (and possible future enhancements such as queries to commercial record and verify systems such as VARIS and IMPAC).

In the TDF License dialog enter both the Licensee and the two License keys that you receive and click the I agree button. Failure to agree to the liability disclaimer will cause the program to quit immediately.

The license window as it appears on the Vista operating system. Licensed users have access the licensing tools. Clicking the Licensing Tools button expands the window. These tools show you where your license and preference files are stored on your computer and provides a simple mechanism to reset those files in case of file corruption.

License Window Vista OS

The license window as it appears on the OSX 10.5 operating system.

License Window Mac OSX

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