Plaque Export Menu

All Export menus are accessed from the File Menu.


Note: Plaque exports are disabled (dimmed) by default. To enable export of .dxf and .stl files for 3D printing, you must first tesselate the plaque for export and a password for 3D printing is also required. To enable export of a plaque's 3D dose matrix a valid 3D dose matrix must first have been calculated. If the 3D Voxel item is disabled (dimmed) you must first manually allocate the voxel model in the Setup Appearance window.

  • Tessellate for Export - Tesselates the seed slots of Eye Physics plaques for rapid prototyping rather than for ray-tracing and OpenGL drawing speed. PS normally models collimating slots using far fewer triangles than are required to stitch a slot to the facial tesselation of a plaque. This accelerates collimation ray-tracing but also produces so-called "bad" (for 3D printing purposes) triangles which share edges with more than 3 other triangles. For 3D printing, each edge of a triangular facet MUST be shared with exactly one edge of another triangle. Only enable this item when exporting .stl or .dxf files. A password is required to access this functionality.
  • Export .dxf File - Export a .dxf file for rapid prototyping.
  • Export ASCII .stl File - Export an .stl file for 3D printing in the ASCII format. The ASCII format does not support any meta data.
  • Export Binary .stl File - Export an .stl file for 3D printing in the binary format. STL binary files support an 80 byte user customizable header and informally support facet colors with 5 bits per r,g,b component packed into a 16 bit attribute field stored with each facet. Facets with 3D printing errors such as unpaired or hyperpaired edges will be colored red and blue respectively. Facets without errors will be a golden color.
  • Export 3D Dose Matrix... - Export 3D dose matrix as a text file. Each line of text represents a calculation point in either plaque-relative 3D space or an absolute eye coordinate. The coordinate frame of reference is selectable in the Model Preferences pane. Each line is of the form "x y z dose(cGy)".
  • Export 3D Voxels & Seeds... - Exports the 3D voxel model as a text file. Each line of text includes the coordinates of the voxel center in plaque-relative 3D space, the tissue type of that voxel (e.g. water, air, vitreous humor, aqueous humor (cornea), lens, scleral shell, optic nerve, tumor etc...) and the coordinates of all loaded seeds with basic TG43 parameters required to approximate the dose delivered to the center of that voxel from each seed. WARNING: file size can easily exceed 1 GB.

You can view the .stl files that are exported from Plaque Simulator with an application such as MeshLab for MacOS.