Multiple Plaques

Plaque Simulator supports up to four plaques per plan, but defaults to single plaque mode in which only one plaque is dosimetrically included at any time. This sheet enables dose to be calculated and summed from a set of multiple plaques.

The multiple plaque sheet of the Rx Window is opened by selecting the Multiple Plaques... item from the Rx Menu.

Plaque selection

To enable multiple plaque mode, check the Enable multiple plaques control, then select the plaques to include.

In single plaque mode:

  • The active plaque is the one that is currently selected for prescription purposes (e.g. implant schedule, Rx site), dragging, loading with seeds, shell editing and so on. Plaque #1 is the default plaque when Plaque Simulator launches. The active plaque is selected using the segmented Plaque control that is found on the left of most window's toolbar.
  • The active plaque is the only plaque to which prescription (Rx) and plaque referenced Central AXis (CAX) table coordinates apply.
  • The active plaque is the only plaque which will be included in dose calculations, even if other plaques have seeds in them.

Plaque selection

In multiple plaque mode:

  • The properties of the active plaque are essentially the same as in single plaque mode with the exception that...
  • In this dialog sheet you can select a set of plaques to include in dose calculations (e.g. plaques #1 and #3 are included in the example above).
  • Plaques that are members of the set of multiple plaques will be designated in the segmented Plaque controls with a leading + character (e.g. plaque 1 will be appear as +1).
  • The Rx window will resize to display multiple columns of plaque related information.
  • Note: Be sure to designate one of the plaques in the set to be the active plaque when calculating dosimetry in order to assure that the correct prescription is used.