Image Menu
  • Anonymization Marquee - Previews an interactive selection marquee that outlines a rectangular region that can be used to anonymize images. Drag and size the marquee to overlay private portions of an image.
  • Anonymize - Overlays the rectangle marked by the anonymization marquee with black. To fully anonymize a plan, including text fields, use the anonymization preference setting.
  • Rectangular Marquee - Show the rectangular cropping marquee.
  • Elliptical Marquee - Show the elliptical cropping marquee.
  • Crop to Marquee - Crop the image to the rectangular or elliptical marquee. Elliptical cropping is often combined with image size reduction to optimize fundus images to use as 3D textures.
  • Invert Colors - Inverts the colors of an image.
  • Equalize Histogram - Applies vImage histogram equalization to the currently displayed image.
  • Stretch Contrast - Applies vImage contrast stretching to the currently displayed image.
  • Ends-In Stretch Contrast - Applies vImage ends-in contrast stretching to the currently displayed image. The default lower and upper ends are 5%.
  • Weighted Conversion to Grayscale - RGB color images are converted to 8-bit grayscale using either the averaging formula gray = (red + green + blue) / 3 or the weighted formula gray = 0.299 red + 0.587 green + 0.114 blue if this menu item is enabled (ie checked). This setting also applies to the way in which pixel gray is calculated when Image auto-contrast is enabled.
  • Lock Montage Center #1 to Pole - Locks the center of fundus camera montage component #1 to the posterior pole.
  • Synch MPR Gamma - When checked, the gamma settings (brightness, contrast, etc...) of the 5 MPR images (axial, equator, sagittal, t-meridian and t-coronal) will all change together. If unchecked, each image can have its own gamma settings.
  • Snap to Grid - Rulers snap to horizontal or vertical alignment while dragging if the ruler diameter exceeds 25% of the image size.
  • Description... - opens a dialog sheet in which image descriptors and coordinates can be entered.
  • Show Ruler GWorld... - Toggles display of the 8-bit monochrome image generated by the ruler auto-calibration functions. Used primarily to test and debug the algorithms that search the image for calibration rulers (e.g. green horizontal and/or vertical lines with tic marks).
  • Reduce Image Size... - opens a dialog sheet in which you can reduce the image size.

Anonymization tool marquee


Anonymized image


Image Description
  • Description... - opens a modal dialog sheet in which image descriptors and coordinates can be entered for the currently selected image. You can also access the description sheet for a specific image from the contextual menus of each image button.

Image Size
  • Image Size... - opens a modal dialog sheet in which image size can be changed.