Retinal Diagram Options

The Diagram Options menu provides additional options regarding the retinal diagram appearance. Items described as projections are actually on the external sclera 1 mm from the retinal surface that is being mapped.

  • Diagram - enables the retinal diagram.
  • Tumor - draws the tumor base on the diagram.
  • Tumor Margin - draws the tumor margin on the diagram.
  • Tint Tumor - shades the tumor interior.
  • Landmarks - draws any digitized landmarks.
  • COMS Chords - draws the chords required for COMS reports.
  • Tumor Dimensions - draws tumor dimension arrows.
  • Plaque - projects the plaque perimeter onto the diagram.
  • Plaque Name - displays the associated plaque name in the pane. You can drag the name or position and rotate it from the Diagram Parameters sheet..
  • Seeds - projects the radionuclide sources onto the diagram.
  • Seed Strength - overlays seed strength on seeds.
  • Slot Index - overlays slot index number seeds.
  • Grid - draws an additional ruled grid.
  • Labels - labels diagram elements.
  • Fovea Circle - enables the fovea marker.
  • Apex Marker - enables the tumor apex marker.
  • Muscles - projects muscle insertions to the sclera onto the diagram.
  • Muscle Names - draws muscle names.
  • Optic Nerve - projects the optic nerve sheath surrounding the optic disc to approximate the closest proximity possible for plaque notches.
  • POI - draws points of interest.
  • Meridian Plane - draws meridian plane marker.
  • Tint Iris - tints the iris region.
  • Tint Ciliary - tints the ciliary region.
  • Matrix - shows the matix grid.
  • Diagram parameters... - opens the diagram parameters sheet in which the plaque name location, optic disc radius and spokes of the diagram, and diagram pole type can be modified.

The diagram parameters sheet can be accessed from the Diagram parameters... menu item or by double-clicking the plaque name label if ithe label is visible in the graphics content region of the window.