Custom Tumor Shape Sheet

Custom Tumor Shape is a modal sheet used to customize the shape of mushroom-like and truncated conic tumors. It is accessed from the contextual menu attached to the Mushroom button in the Retinal Diagram Window and the shape group buttons in the Standard Tumor Sheet.

In this sheet you can adjust the lateral expansion factor of the basic dome tumor rings into a mushroom-like shape, the peak height of a truncated cone and other parameters. The truncated cone clips at the tumor apex height. The height of the missing conic peak defaults to 20 mm. That height can be customized here to create truncated conics of different shapes.

A cross section of a tumor with a circular base of 10 mm diameter (or the current settings of the Standard Tumor Sheet if opend from there) is plotted as a generic guide to the effects of the various shaping parameters. The 3D model of a tumor will also depend on the size and shape of the digitized perimeter of the actual tumor base and the location of the tumor apex.

Positive values for the height of the tumor apex are measured radially inwards (above) from the internal sclera. Positive values for the depth of the tumor base are measured radially outwards (below) from the internal sclera. By default, tumor depth (below the internal sclera) is zero and the internal sclera is 1 mm inset from the external scleral surface. You can model tumors that lie between the lens and the cornea by entering negative values for these parameters.