Camera Location Window

In the camera location window you can precisely position the location of the 3D viewing camera. This is visually equivalent to rotating the eye and/or plaque in the 3D view which is more commonly (and more easily) performed in the Setup window by using the axially constrained rotation button controls (the buttons with green triangles) or the interactive cursor operated virtual track-ball. The distance of the 3D camera with from the eye and/or plaque origin is fixed at 1000 mm, and the camera orientation is constrained to look at either the the eye or plaque origin.

Note: This window replaces the more restricted Standard Views hierarchical menu that was present in PS6 versions prior to 6.7.6.

From the Setup Menu select.


Euler angles group:

  • Sequence - The spatial orientation of the 3D camera view point with respect to the eye (or plaque) origin can be specified as an ordered sequence of rotations (Euler angles); initially around the X axis, then around the Y axis and lastly by a rotation around the Z axis. This sequence is commonly referred to as the ZYX sequence. Alternative sequences ZYZ_1 and ZYZ_2 that do not use any X axis rotation can also be used to achieve the same camera location.
  • z,y,x - These text fields enable quantitative specification of the 3D camera view point as rotations (in degrees) around the Z, Y and X axes respectively.

Toolbar controls:

  • Plaque - Selects the currently active plaque.
  • Lock - Locks the 3D camera location at its current locations and disables all camera rotation controls.

Other controls:

  • Default - Returns to the default 3D camera viewpoint view as specified in the Model preferences pane.



Standard views group:

The Standard Views buttons rotate the 3D camera to view the eye from various predefined viewpoints. The examples below are for a right eye using a ZYX sequence.

  • Anterior - Euler angles (ZYX): 90°,0°,0°
  • Lateral - Euler angles (ZYX): 0°,0°,0°
  • Superior - Euler angles (ZYX): 270°,0°,270°
  • Posterior - Euler angles (ZYX): 270°,0°,0°
  • Medial - Euler angles (ZYX): 180°,0°,0°
  • Inferior - Euler angles (ZYX): 90°,0°,90°
  • Tumor # Base - View the tumor from below the center of its base.
  • Tumor # Apex - View the tumor from above its apex.
  • Optic Disc - View the optic disc looking along the (modeled) nerve axis from outside the eye.













Tumor # base


Tumor # apex