Apex Height Sheet

To display this modal sheet, click the Apex button in the Retinal Diagram window.

Enter the tumor apex height in mm measured radially inward from the inner sclera (the inner sclera defaults to 1 mm inset from the outer sclera) as determined from ultrasound, CT or MR imaging. You can also enter tumor height in the Standard Tumor dialog. The slider is provided as a convenience to quickly select a height in the range 0 to 12 mm in increments of 0.2 mm. The bumper arrows adjust the height in ±0.1 mm increments. For finer precision enter the height in the text field.

In the tumor base group, enter and desired PTV expansion margin (e.g. 2 mm) surrounding the tumor base. You may also enter a value for the tumor depth. Tumor depth is the distance measured radially outward from the inner sclera to the geometric center of the base. The depth value should usually be zero. The depth parameter is provided to help model tumors located between the iris and cornea.

Apex Height