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PalmOS PDA Applications: STP

STP Calculator is an application for PalmOS handheld computers which calculates the ion chamber temperature and pressure correction factor to reference conditions:

CT,P = (760 / P) x ((273 + T) / (273 + StdT)).


P = air pressure in mmHg
T = air temperature in °C
StdT = reference standard temperature (e.g. 22°C (USA), 20°C (Europe), 0°C or 25°C for chemical reactions, etc...)

Click here to download the self extracting archive: STP Calculator 1.0.1, last updated 7/28/05.

Download: STP.prc.zip (12K)

Below are some screen captures of the calculator running under the PalmOS 5.2.1 simulator:

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

Select input units for pressure and temperature.

Select output units. Select the CT,P result, then copy and paste it into the PalmOS calculator for further calculations.

The conversion factors used in the program.

Other information about this program is found in the Options menu.

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