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PalmOS PDA Applications

MathLIb Icon Zire 71 To install any of these PalmOS programs on your handheld, download the .zip archive (PC) or the .hqx archive (Mac). Decompress the archive and drag the resulting .prc file (ex. "TNM.prc") onto the "Send To Handheld" icon (or its PC equivalent) on your PC.

MathLIb Icon Some of these programs require that the public shared library "MathLib" also be installed. A copy is provided here for your convenience.

Install After dragging the .prc file onto the "Send To Handheld" icon (or its PC equivalent,) you will see a response something like this. This is what it looks like on MacOSX. Essentially the same thing appears on a Windows PC. If necessary, adjust the user and destination, but the defaults are most likely correct for your system. Click the OK button.

Install If you should see an alert like this, just click the OK button.

You could also use the HotSync Manager directly to add the file to the install list.


Then just HotSync your handheld.

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