User License and Authorized Users
From the Plaque Simulator menu select About Plaque Simulator. PSAbout

In the About Plaque Simulator window click the License and password administration... button to open the license and password administration dialog sheet.



In order to proceed further and gain access to the licensing, physics password and authorized users sheet you will need to enter Plaque Simulator's administrator password (macula). Click the OK button in the password sheet to proceed to the license administration sheet or click Cancel to return to the About window. The Default button in this instance of the password sheet simply clears the text field.


You can not fully enable Plaque Simulator for planning unless you have installed at least one primary product license and login as an authorized user when the program launches. Product licenses enable the saving of plans and the printing of documents for specific plaque types (e.g. Eye Physics, BEBIG, ROPES, COMS etc...) and plaque related services in various territorial PS distribution regions.

In the PS Administration dialog sheet enter the full or term primary product licensee name, license key and serial number assigned to you by your territorial product distributor as product license #1. An example of a primary full license might be something akin to "astrahan.IsoAid" or a primary term license might be "astrahan.EyePhysics.2016". License keys are of the form "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX". Serial numbers are distributor specific.

Add-on licenses activate additional product specific support beyond your primary license. If you have any add-on product licenses, keys and serial numbers, enter them as product licenses #2 through 5. An example of an add-on term license might be something like "astrahan.EyePhysics.2016".

Next, enter the name of at least one authorized user. You may also enter (and verify) an optional login password for each authorized user.

You may optionally customize the physics access password. The physics password at the time of installation defaults to the PS administrator password. The physics password is required in order to edit and authenticate changes to the physics data files.

In the illustrated example, authorized user Melvin Astrahan may login without a password, whereas user Dr. Whom requires a password to login and fully enable Plaque Simulator for treatment planning. If you login without a product license, in product demonstration mode, or as a guest user, you may create and review plans but you may not print the plans or save any files containing unlicensed products. Authorized users will still need to know the physics password in order to edit or authenticate changes to the physics data files.


After entering your licensee name, key, and list of authorized user(s), click the Update license button or exit via the OK button to actually install the license(s), password(s) and user(s). Click the OK button to exit the sheet.

You may also enter the contact name and email address of the person who will be responsible for maintaining PS6 (e.g. installing updates) at your institution and register your license and contact information with Eye Physics. To register with Eye Physics, first complete all of the above licensing tasks, next click the Update license button, and lastly click the Register with Eye Physics button. This will launch your email software and generate a software registration message (to that you may then send.

The V5 checkbox is a convenience function used by Eye Physics to validate license keys issued for PS version 5 and should always be disabled by end users. Even when the V5 checkbox is enabled, PS version 5 licenses will NOT work with PS version 6 because V5 license keys were designed for 32-bit, big-endian PowerPC processors, whereas V6 license keys are designed for 64-bit, little-endian Intel processors.