Setup Menu

The Setup menu of the Patient Setup window provides additional functionality concerning plaque location and orientation, 2D planar location and behavior, and window appearance.

  • Center Plaque on - use this hierarchical menu to center of the plaque at a few predefined locations.
  • Plaque Location... - opens a window to precisely position and orient a plaque.
  • Lock Plaque Location - locking the plaque location prevents the plaque from being accidentally moved by clicking on it in the setup or retina windows. Unlocked by default. You should lock the plaque as soon as you are satisfied with the location and orientation.
  • Plane Location... - opens a window to precisely position and orient the meridian and coronal 2D dosimetry planes.
  • Planes Track Plaque Motion - when checked, the meridian and coronal dosimetry planes will automatically adjust to pass through the center of the plaque as it moves. Enabled by default.
  • Standard Views - use this hierarchical menu to rotate the eye to the one of several predefined views.
  • Axes Appearance... - Opens the Axes Appearance window.
  • Lock/Unlock Axes from Eye Center - Lock to keep the coordinate axes at the center of the eye even if the center of rotation shifts. Locked by default.
  • Movie... - Open the movie making window.
Setup Menu