Setup Export Menu

All Export menus are accessed from the File Menu.


If this item is disabled (dimmed) you must first manually allocate the voxel model in the Setup Appearance window.

Note: The 3D voxel model is disabled by default. It is allocated automatically when required for dosimetry, or it can be allocated manually by enabling Show voxels in the Setup Appearance window.

  • Export 3D Voxels... - Exports the 3D voxel model (if allocated) as a text file. Each line of text includes the coordinates of a voxel center in absolute eye coordinate space and the voxel tissue type (e.g. water, air, vitreous humor, aqueous humor (cornea), lens, scleral shell, optic nerve, tumor etc...). WARNING: file size can be hundreds of MB. To export the voxel model in plaque-relative coordinates see the Plaque Export Menu.
  • Export Eye Model .stl... Exports a stereolithography file (xxx.stl) model of the eye suitable for 3D rendering. Used by Eye Physics for generating interactive plaque positioning models.