Multiple Users

To create additional OSX users in addition to the default administrator, select System Preferences... from the Apple menu on the left of the menu bar along the top of the main screen. In the System Preferences... window:

  • Click the Users & Groups icon.

In the Users & Groups window:

  • Enable the creation of new users by clicking the lock icon at the bottom-left.
  • Enter your administrator password, the various controls should now function.
  • Click the + control.
  • Create a new Standard user (e.g. Physics).
  • Set the desired appearance and privileges of the new user.
  • Click the lock icon to prevent further changes and close the Users & Groups window.

Each OSX user will have their own private Plaque Simulator (PS6) preference settings. Because licensing, physics password, and PS6 authorized user names are saved along with the PS6 preferences, you will need to initially login as each OSX user and re-enter your Plaque Simulator license and create at least one Plaque Simulator authorized user for each OSX user. You may reuse the same PS6 license and serial number across all of your OSX users.

By default, each OSX user will only be able to open and save PS6 patient files in that OSX user's home folder's Documents/Plaque Simulator Patients folder or in shared locations. Patient plans located in another OSX user's home folder are not visible from the OSX file navigator but may be found by searching the PSPatients.sqlite database (located in the Plaque Simulator Data folder) using the PS6 predicate editor window. Plans listed by the PS6 predicate editor may not be opened by PS6 without the appropriate file access privileges. While logged-in and entering licenses, you might also consider re-installing the Plaque Simulator Patients folder from the PS6 installer application for each OSX user in order to provide each OSX user with a copy of the badged folder and tutorials.

To share patient data folders, plans and tutorials between OSX users, you may configure each OSX user's Plaque Simulator Patient folder preference setting to share a common Plaque Simulator Patients folder located on a shared local or remote storage location. Note, however, that this will weaken patient data security.

OSX Admin User Home Folder


OSX Admin User Documents Folder


OSX Physics User Home Folder


OSX Physics User Documents Folder


In order for the Plaque Simulator application itself to work with multiple OSX users you will need to enable file read and write privileges for the Plaque Simulator Data folder located in your shared root level Applications folder for every OSX user of Plaque Simulator (e.g. the OSX user named Physics as illustrated above) or simply allow everyone to read and write to the files in the Plaque Simulator Data folder. This applies especially to the SQLite database and PSLog files, but affects a number of other support files as well. In the OSX Finder, login as the administrator (or a user with admin privileges) and navigate to the Plaque Simulator folder in the root level Applications folder and select the Plaque Simulator Data folder.


From the Finder File menu select Get Info (or use the command-I keyboard shortcut).


In the Get Info window unlock Sharing & Permissions and set everyone privileges to Read & Write. From the actions popup menu at the bottom select Apply to enclosed items.... This will allow all users to read and update all the files (e.g. the PSLog and SQLite database files) located in the Plaque Simulator Data folder. If, in the future, you create any new files you may have to adjust their permissions as well.