Inventory Window

Radionuclide source quantity and assay data is maintained in the SQL database file PSdatabase.sqlite which is located in Plaque Simulator's master data folder.

SourceBtn The inventory window is accessed by clicking the Source button in the Plaque Window

  • The radio buttons in this window select between Show only for which only inventory entries of a particular source model (e.g. I-125 IAI-125A) are listed, and Show All for which all inventory entries are listed.
  • To create a new entry, select Show only, then select a source model from the menu, and finally click the New button. A new entry will be created. It will be named for the current patient and will have a sufficient number of sources for the currently active plaque. The source strength will be initialized to 1.0 (mCi or U) calibrated to the current implant date of the active plaque. Therefore, it is most convenient to have previously entered the patient name, set the implant date, and selected a plaque before creating a source inventory.
  • To select an inventory entry with which to load a plaque, click on it in the display list.
  • To edit an inventory entry, first select it in the list and then click the Edit button or double-click in the list.
  • To delete an entry, first select it in the list and then click the Delete button.
  • Sources are removed from the inventory as you install them (e.g. by loading the plaque or clicking on an empty slot in the plaque), and are returned when you remove them (e.g. by unloading the plaque or clicking on a filled slot in the plaque) or change to a new plaque.
  • The power level icons provide a graphic indication of remaining RemainingPower source strength and future FuturePower source strength.
  • Plaque Simulator may automatically create new inventory entries when returning sources to the inventory if it can't find a matching entry in the database.
  • Click in a column title resort the table.