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A thin film of Ru-106 is encapsulated within a sheet of pure silver (Ag 99.99), with a total thickness of 1 mm. The plaques are hemispherically shaped with a radius of 12-14 mm. The applicator's surface is polished metal. The plaques have rounded edges, a homogeneous lead seam and eyelets for suturing to the sclera.

The window on the concave side is 0.1 mm thick. The rear surface absorbs approximately 95% of the beta radiation. The dose rate on the central axis at 2 mm distance from the concave surface of the applicator is about 80 mGy/min (480 cGy/hr). The actual surface dose rate and other calibration data are provided on a certificate which comes with the applicator.

Inactive dummies made from silver or PMMA are available for all types of applicators. Inactive dummies can be distinguished from radioactive plaques by a small hole drilled through the plaque.

Ru-106 plaques are available from: Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG.