Multiple Window System

General Description:

This feature enables the user to view up to 10 image windows simultaneously. Earlier Madena version could open only a single image window.

  1. Opening a new window go to the menu bar & click on the "File" menu and select "New". Each new window is Independent of one another & has its own controls. Alternatively, the user may chose a shortcut method to create a new window by pressing command key & N key together.

  2. Closing a window click the close button at the upper left corner of the window, or choose "Close" from the "File" menu. The window and any images displayed in that window are deleted from RAM, making that memory available for opening more images on MacOS 9 (MacOS-X has unlimited virtual memory). The image files on disk, are, of course, NOT deleted.

  3. Printing a windows choose the window you want to print from the "Windows" menu on the menu bar. The window which is currently printable is marked with a printer icon in the "Windows" menu.