Whenever you update Plaque Simulator to a newer version a large assortment of preconfigured physics files for I-125 and Pd-103 seeds are included. A few of the current physics files are available here for use with recent versions of PS without having to update the application. Click on the links below to download the zip compressed files. After downloading, expand the files by double clicking on the file icon. MacOSX will expand the file. Quit Plaque Simulator if it is running. Drag the resulting xxx.iphys file into the Physics folder which is inside the Plaque Simulator Data folder which is in your PS application folder. Launch Plaque Simulator.

Note: if you already have a physics file with the same name as a downloaded or updated file it will be overwritten when the new file is placed in the Physics folder. If you modify any of your physics files be sure to change the unique seed ID and menu name fields in the file and also change the file name. That way your customized files won't be lost when updating to a new version of PS.

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