Model #2025, 2nd generation manually prototyped (ca 1996), currently in production.
  • Rectangular seed pattern
  • Approx. 18 x 18 mm
  • Less than 2 mm thick
  • 25 deep slots: 2.0 X 6.0 X 1.4 mm
  • Plaque can be oriented radially for posterior and equatorial tumors, and circumferentially for anterior tumors.
  • Seeds are glued into slots using cyanocaylate or dental acrylic
  • Can be steam sterilzed in an autoclave using 4 minute flash cycle at time of surgery.
  • 4 corner suture eyelets
  • Standard set includes an 18K gold plaque and a suture template. Solid dummy plaques are available by special order. Dummy plaques and suture templates are made of gold plated brass. The dummy plaques are drilled with a small hole to distinguish them from the 18K gold plaques.
  • Price varies with the cost of gold at time of purchase and style of suture template or dummy plaque: approx. $3100.
  • Download for Plaque Simulator version 5.39:
  • Download for Plaque Simulator version 5.57:
  • Download for Plaque Simulator version 6:
    • work in progress
Model 9
Model 9
Model 9
Model 9

PS versions ≥ 5.7 support very detailed 3D models of the Eye Physics plaques and radionuclide seeds. In these captures from the planning system the 3D models are superimposed over scanned pictures of the plaques as they appear in the PS plaque loading window.


Plaque Simulator's 3D models of the EP 2025 displayed translucently (left) and in wireframe (right), superimposed over a 1200 dpi scanned the picture of the actual plaque and a ruler. The empty slot positions into which the seeds are glued are outlined with brown lines. The wireframe model also includes 3D translucent models of IsoAid I-125 seeds.

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